Strombafort Balkan Pharma (10 mg/tab) 60 tabs

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Product: Strombafort
Manufacturer: Balkan Pharma
Quantity: 10 mg/tablet
Pack: 60 tablets

Steroid cycle: cutting

Active substance: Stanozolol

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Strombafort (Strombafort) of SC Balkan pharmaceuticals represents one of the most popular forms of substances such as stanozolol. This preparation is oral and has moderate activity androgenic (3-Th by testosterone) and increase anabolic (320 percent of testosterone). The drug stanozolol was born in 1962. In the beginning, it was used in animals, but soon received approval from the FDA (for the control of drug and food control in the united States), and then began to gain popularity quickly among many athletes.

Perhaps the most famous doping scandal in the history of this sport has related precisely with the use of this drug. In Seoul in 1988, Olympic Sprinter Ben Dzhonson, who won the last one hundred metres and set a new world record, he suffered a disqualification for the use of stanozolol. Strombafort is an excellent formulation that is compressed with a better stability and bioavailability. Due to the presence in position 17-alpha-alkyl group, the drug is not broken down in the liver. At the same time, this property makes this toxic substance.

Effects Of Strombafort

Strombafort improvement the relief of skeletal muscle tissue, and it is for this reason that it is often used by bodybuilders during the lining of compete.
Increase the performance of the power and endurance performance.
The excretion of excess fluid. Stanozolol is not rarely used in conjunction with methandrostenolone.
The strengthening of the actions of other anabolic steroids. Keep in mind that anabolic reduces factor globulin-2, which in turn, increases the bioavailability of the drugs used.
 Improving appetite and accelerating metabolism.
antiprogestantny effects anti-estrogen.

Stanozolol is usually used in the so-called "drying". Due to the property bind the muscles and the relief of not accumulating water is quite rare to anabolic steroids, using Strombaforta very popular among bodybuilders and bodybuilders. In addition, in small doses, the drug is often used even to the athletes.

How to use Strombafort

Of course Strombafort alone should be used to improve the power performance, while not gaining weight. Anabolic perfectly suitable for the people with sensible body weight and moderate fat content. The dose is individual and varies in the region from 10 mg (athletes, for athletes) and up to 50-60 mg per day. Course reception-Length Strombafort is carried out not more than 8 weeks, otherwise increases the risk of liver damage.

The professional athletes to the question - how to use Strombafort, unanimously come together - only in combination with testosterone. By itself it is a substance like stanozolol is soft enough, the weight of it increases very slowly, but at the end of the course, there is no phenomenon of reversal in most cases. It should be noted that the drug is used actively in women: The recommended dose for athletes is 5-10 mg per day.

The possible side effects of strombafort

In case of exceeding the recommended dose possible for pain in the joints (the reason lies in the properties of the water output stanozolol), pressure levels and cholesterol in the blood, liver damage, hair loss and acne. It should be noted that the side effects of steroids can be avoided if you adhere strictly to the recommended duration of use and the dosage in the instructions. In combination with the pills Strombafort course can be supplemented hepatoprotective, or use them in post-cycle therapy. What better to do, it's up to you. buy ephedrine

Comments Strombafort

Light recoil phenomenon, a qualitative increase of weight, low cost and availability, and the lack of potential side effects - these are the main answers that can be found in the preparation of pharmaceuticals Strombafort Balkan. The athletes noted the utility of this drug as a means to provide the main beginning of the season. In fact, the boxers and wrestlers now have the opportunity to increase the power of "no jumps" in the following weight category.

A lot of positive feedback on this formulation simply does not leave us in any doubt as to its safety and effectiveness.

Strombafort, judging by the numerous criticisms of the athletes, greatly improves the synthesis of DNA. RNA and proteins. This in turn leads to a saturation of oxygen of muscle tissue, sharp and consequently invokes the increase of the stimulation of the anabolic processes in the body of the athlete exercise. Due to this action, because athletes have noticed a strong increase of the muscle mass, and with sufficient speed. In addition, this drug has a positive effect on bone health, and contributes to a better absorption of the substance calcium. Much slower excreted potassium output, and sulphur, water and nitrogen. In addition, as noted by those athletes who take it regularly reduces the amount of excess fat, which is also an important factor for the person who wants to lose unwanted weight, and build only and do not more muscle mass.

Very good this substance helps sports injuries, muscle weakening and burns. By the body during exercise is perceived quite without pain as they say the athletes and if you stick to all directions. The growth is not only muscle, that is to say, the qualitative transformation of the muscles. Many athletes take it to increase the muscle relief and after that he will be in contrast with other drugs of this group since the athlete will not be a sharp decrease in muscle mass. It is because of this athlete and what you choose. In addition, the drug keeps the energy of the body at the appropriate level, even when the athletes are on a diet before the proceedings sports. In addition, we observed the utility and the athletes.

adverse effects on the body of the athlete the drug has little, because if you follow all of the instructions, it will not appear. Only if you exceed the dose, was observed the same effect of aromatization, it also increases the risk of damage to the liver and increase the level of bad cholesterol in the blood of the athlete. If you exceed the speed of reception, you can also start the process of hair loss. Therefore, it is best that you strictly adhere to the instructions, and then pobochek will be almost as athletes say.
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On stanozole we hear all the bodybuilders who were interested in steroids. Strombafort is its last modification. The formula of the drug is almost free of adverse effects. The main active ingredient remains the same, but it was essential to change the very shape and new material introduced. To date strombafort is a medication in pill form. To use strombafort yourself, you must comply strictly with the regimen and dose. In this case, each athlete can be sure that your body is absolutely safe.

Positive aspects of the consumption strombafort

The drug is a version stanozola strombafort improved, which has all the positive qualities of the previous version. Therefore strombafort facilitate:

Improve muscle definition. The athletes attempt to use it before major competitions in order to make your body the most suitable.
The improvement of the strength athlete. The muscles become the more energy with every calorie, so that the athlete can do a workout more intense.
 Increase the rate of metabolism. Strombafort can be buy in our site, significantly increases the sensation of hunger. A very important point in accelerated metabolism and regular physical activity. In this mode, the body will use the food to build the muscle tissue.

Because of strombafort, buy may have just delays the moisture in the body, get the muscles "dry". Therefore, the process of reversion will not grow. Strombafort, which you can buy without a prescription, is absolutely safe. Especially if it is combined with other steroid tablets.

The best combination for the preparation

Strombafort buy rarely entered the course as an independent agent. After all, the main feature of this is its ability to increase the effects of other drugs. That is why it is most often used in conjunction with the testosterone. Strombafort buy that you can have, will allow you to achieve maximum results taking steroid medications and exercise. professional bodybuilders are trying to use medicine as an independent agent only for "drying" of the body.


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Strombafort Balkan Pharma (10 mg/tab) 60 tabs

Strombafort Balkan Pharma (10 mg/tab) 60 tabs

Product: Strombafort
Manufacturer: Balkan Pharma
Quantity: 10 mg/tablet
Pack: 60 tablets

Steroid cycle: cutting

Active substance: Stanozolol