Andropen 275 British Dragon (275 mg/ml) 10 ml

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Product: Andropen 275
Manufacturer: British Dragon
Quantity: 275 mg/ml
Pack: 10 ml

Steroid cycle: bulking

Active substance: Testosterone propionate, Testosterone cypionate

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Andropen 275 British Dragon (275 mg / ml) 10 ml

Andropen - a potent anabolic androgenic steroid that can boast a very long and varied exposure (by stimulating muscle growth and increasing strength to strengthen the immune system and normalize the body's nitrogen balance). Produce is quite well known in the sporting circles of British Dragon Pharmaceutical company.

It is not difficult to guess, the main field of application of this injectable steroid is a sport, it is used actively in bodybuilding, weightlifting and many other places as a means of providing muscle gains, strength and endurance. It may also be useful for medical or therapeutic purposes.

Description Andropen 275

The basis of preparation is simply 5-effective testosterone esters: testosterone acetate, testosterone propionate, testosterone phenylpropionate, testosterone cypionate and testosterone decanoate.

First, taking Andropen 275, you will feel the effect of testosterone acetate (the lowest half-life - about a day). It goes into operation almost immediately after the injection, and promotes the growth and development of muscle mass and increase strength.

This is followed by testosterone propionate. This ester has a prolonged exposure (about two days), and its intake causes an increase in muscle mass, to improve its quality and to increase strength.

Then the properties and effect of the drug - Andropen 275 improve testosterone phenylpropionate (activity up to half - 5 days). And behind will take so that the cause of testosterone cypionate (this testosterone ester, exert its activity for 15-16 days and promotes muscle growth, increase strength, appetite, strengthen the immune system, bones, ligaments and joints). And finally, the latest statement Currently release known testosterone decanoate (the longest ester, which is in the preparation base)

In general, the activity exhibited by the British Dragon Andropen 275, will be felt for almost a month, which is very, very numerous (period of drug activity - 24 days, which eliminates the athlete from the need to introduce a frequent injections), and taking that will lead to the following improvements:

• The maximum increase in muscle mass;

• Significant increase in power and resistance performance volumes;

• Strengthen the bony structure of the body;

• Elimination of pain in the joints, improvement in the function of the ligaments and joints;

• Increased appetite and strengthening of the immune system;

• Increased desire to train and increase vitality in general;

• Normalization of nitrogen balance;

• Increase libido during the course.

However, during the reception can also annoy the side effects due to Andropen 275, the possibility of existence of which we must not forget. In particular, it can in turn produce known androgen and estrogen "side effects": gynecomastia, increased body fat, hair loss, oily skin, acne, and some others. In addition, this medication can adversely affect the production of testosterone, which is full of decreased libido and sexual activity at the end of the course.

It is important to note that taking Andropen 275 for sport should be exclusively for men, and all because women during their course can cope with masculinization (a process of accumulation of male sexual characteristics).

Storage is this drug, like many other injectable steroids, should be carried out in a dry place, out of the direct sun and moisture. Also, by storing the drug, make sure you are not likely to get any children or pets.

Andropen 275 Course

Since the drug is a mixture of esters of five whole testosterone, it is good in itself. That is, for the sport to increase lean muscle mass figures, strength and endurance, it can be used not only in combination with other topical steroids, but solo.

Andropen 275 doses recommend the use of - this is 300 to 600 mg per week (in the long-term activity of the drug, so the injection once a week usually places). It lasts the same course based on it an average of about 6 full weeks (depends a lot on the goals that are taking place). In general, these volumes, duration and frequency of application should be sufficient to feel the impact power of the testosterone mixture.

Note: the concentration of active substance in the drug sufficiently high and quite comfortable - 275 mg per 1 ml, allowing a more or less easy to calculate the dose required for administration. Therefore, to receive the recommended dose of 300 mg Andropov 275 you need about 1.1 ml of the drug, the dose to 600 mg - about 2.2 ml, etc. By the way, when using a single barrel drug you dosages such sufficient for at least 4 weeks.

What are steroids and how to take Andropen 275 to achieve maximum results?

The options are many, but to maximize muscle this medication is best taken with nandrolone and / or methandienone. For example, the testosterone mixture (300 to 600 mg per week) + methandienone (about 40 mg per day) + stanozolol (out or after course). In addition, to minimize side effects you may need Proviron, and PCT - Clomid / Tamoxifen and gonadotropin drugs.

In turn, the growth of quality, which is a relief, and a course of dense musculature Andropen 275 can be combined with stanozolol and / or Turinabol. For example, Winstrol® (50-100 mg per day / each day) + testosterone mixture (300-600 mg per week) + Turinabol (about 40 mg per day).

In principle, the use of Andropen 275 may become the basis for many other fields, not just those mentioned above. In fact, the only limit is only your financial possibilities and imagination. Learning only what other steroids and how to combine this drug can be in our Forum: contact with someone from store consultants (sports teacher, a doctor of experienced athletes and other specialists) for useful advice or recommendation for use.

Andropen 275 reviews

This steroid widely used in sports practice. It is used in bodybuilding and weightlifting, and many other disciplines. It is therefore not surprising that comments on this testosterone drug on the net occur so often, because the higher the demand, the more opinions. But what exactly do athletes have already bought and tested this medication in practice? if they were satisfied with their quality and impact?

Most - yes. In other words, almost all Andropen 275 comments are positive. A customer person savored the various effects of drug-stimulating muscle growth, strength and stamina to strengthen the body, someone likes its powerful influence, and someone was satisfied with their long-term activity (up to 24 days).

In general, as saying criticism, British Dragon Andropen 275 acts not only time, but also smoothly, without recessions. And during the course of it can be effects such as stimulation of growth and development of muscles, providing a gain in power output and endurance, strengthening of the bone structure and immune system, establishing balance of nitrogen, improve the function of joints and ligaments, and so on. That is, the effect of the drug is not limited to any effect, which means that it can be used in a useful way for completely different purposes.

Also in Andropen's comments suggest that the steroid is an excellent Raman medium. Of course, it can be used effectively and in a single, but then in combination with other steroids you can achieve more meaningful results. Therefore, combining this with a mixture of testosterone and estanozolol Turinabol, you will get better muscles, and take it with nandrolone and methandienone - maximum muscle volume increase.

However, this medication can also lead to negative consequences. As the taking, its high androgenic and estrogenic activity can cause symptoms of acne, gynecomastia, alopecia and other side effects. So do not relax!

To ensure all of the above and personally review opinions Andropen 275, it is not necessary to go very far by simply visiting our Forum. Here, at any time you can contact advisors and ask for their opinion or simply talk to more experienced "shop colleagues".

Price and where to buy the Andropen 275

On our site you can freely purchase this and many other steroids. But not only, since the shelves can also find nutraceuticals, fat-burning peptides, antiestrogens and many other pharmacological agents useful in sports.

What else besides the availability of a wide range of pharmaceutical products and has our site? Many people, ranging from safety and comfort to finishing. But we will not get ahead of ourselves, but it will tell you everything in order.

First of all, we can buy Andropen 275 of original quality. All the products of the store come from original manufacturers without the intervention of a third party that is called the "first hand". Therefore doubting the "originality" provided by the purchase of pharmacology is not so, and should not be.

Secondly, with the decision to order Andropen 275 from us, your confidential and personal information is automatically protected. On our website SSL-connection is installed securely, which guarantees absolute anonymity. While social network marketers and other unreliable sources wanted to spit on your security and information security important to you.

By the way, the reliability of delivery, for example, if you buy Andropen 275, you do not need to worry. All products ordered carefully packed, wrapped in paper and reinforced with tape to protect them from damage. And do not forget that we do not leave you in the lurch if the package is lost in the mail. To get started, you will receive a picture of the sender of the check, which allows you to find the "lost", but if this does not work (the drug and there is not), you will offset the losses by sending the merchandise back to your coast (with payment only re-delivery).


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Andropen 275 British Dragon (275 mg/ml) 10 ml

Andropen 275 British Dragon (275 mg/ml) 10 ml

Product: Andropen 275
Manufacturer: British Dragon
Quantity: 275 mg/ml
Pack: 10 ml

Steroid cycle: bulking

Active substance: Testosterone propionate, Testosterone cypionate