What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is secure money for the internet. You can pay without handing out sensitive financial information, and you don't need an account.

Bitcoin is an online open-source cash currency, which can be paid for through a completely decentralized P2P network. The main uniqueness Bitcoin is its full decentralization; is designed so that no one author or by other individuals, groups or governments could not otherwise influence the currency, destroying, falsifying, confiscating accounts, check or cash flows cause inflation. In the network there is no central point, or anyone who might decide on the network. Bitcoin is a deflationary currency. The total amount of money is finite and known in advance, and its release into the circulation is only defined mathematical laws. The network underway payments for minimal or no cost. (Wikipedia)

How to pay with Bitcoin on best-steroids.org if you do not have a Bitcoin wallet.

This payment is completely anonymous !Can not be traced!

With this instructions you will be able to send Bitcoins to our wallet witout any problem.

No registration or login is required. Contact us in case of any doubts or questions.

1. First visit this website - https://simplecoin.eu/

2. Choose option - I wish to - Buy Bitcoins

3. Specify exact amount of money what you want to send. You can choose from € or Bitcoins.

4. Write to blan window your email address.

5. Specify Address of your wallet - Afeter you choosed a BTC payment method on our eshop you received BTC wallet where you have to send your payment. Please pass this BTC address on this blank window.

6.You receive confirmation email where is instructions to complete your transaction.

How to pay with Bitcoin on best-steroids.org if you want a Bitcoin wallet (you can use same wallet on our eshop all the time)

What is Bitcoin wallet and how do I get it?

Bitcoin wallet is a place where you keep your Bitcoins. From the user perspective it is an application that you can install on your computer or smartphone. There are also online wallets. They allow you to keep Bitcoin on the Internet, they work just like internet banking.

The recommended way to store Bitcoins is a desktop application.

We can only recommend you these aplications -


If you need any help with installation or setting up the wallet, feel free to contact us . We will help you.

How long does a bank transfer take?

Each bank has different rules. Generally, it is the fastest to send payment within one bank and ideally during working hours. Some banks also carry out immediate transactions. It is advisable to check with your bank, or your and we will advise you.

How long after delivering the order will the Bitcoins appear in my wallet?

At the moment of receiving email confirmation of Bitcoin transaction, it has already been sent out. The operating principle of the Bitcoin network must still verify the transaction. Verification is done automatically within the network and can take from several minutes to tens of minutes. The email will also contain the transaction identifier by which you can track the progress of verification.

What is the transaction identifier and how do I get it?

Each transaction in the Bitcoin network has its own identifier. It is about 64 characters long, unique string of numbers and letters. The identifier may look like this